In later years, Jacob came to this place when he was running from home and he saw a ladder in a vision, come down from God. He called the place Bethel. But at the time Abram came, he came as a sojourner, a stranger in a strange land; and at this place he first viewed [...]

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Do you know what the problem is with some of us? How many are old enough to remember that commercial that used to be on TV, which had a humorous picture of a child saying, “but Mommy, I want to do it myself!” We don’t really say it, but this is the way we do [...]

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admin on September 1st, 2011

The rest of them are all in the New Testament. It’s staggering. In Hebrew, you’ve got the three words which we’ve become familiar with: batach, ‘to lean on a staff;’ hasa, ‘to run to a shelter;’ and amen, which is pretty much self explanatory. These three Hebrew words encompass the Greek word pisteo. It’s too [...]

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admin on May 21st, 2010

Pastor Melissa Scott teaches us the French translation reads C’est une retraite que Le Dieu qui est de tout tem(p)s, it’s ‘a retreat that the God who is of all times,’ et que d’être sous les bras, ‘and to be underneath His arms,’ eternel car il a chassé de devant toi, ‘He’s chased away from [...]

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