In later years, Jacob came to this place when he was running
from home and he saw a ladder in a vision, come down from God.
He called the place Bethel. But at the time Abram came, he
came as a sojourner, a stranger in a strange land; and at this
place he first viewed the Promised Land. Then a famine came,
and the man who by faith had crossed deserts, rivers and
mountains, under pressure of circumstance after his first
moves of faith, lost his faith.

Don’t give the devil too much power. He is not omniscient;
he does not know what is going to happen before it happens. 

That is true of God’s nature, not the devil’s. Now, once the
devil finds out what’s going on, he starts going to work on
you. So when this man of faith obeyed, the devil started
getting concerned; and under pressure, Abraham lost faith.
There was a famine in the land, and the man who had trusted
God now trusted his own sight. He went down to Egypt because
the famine was so grievous in the Promised Land. And when he
took his first bending of the path from the way of faith,
and it is always this way, sin seems to
produce sin.

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