Peter says, “No prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation.” (2 Peter 1:20) I don’t really know which particular act will put someone beyond the pale, but I know the psychological results: when you have committed it, you won’t worry about it anymore, because the Holy Spirit will turn you over to a strong delusion, you will believe a lie and be damned. You will no longer worry about God! You won’t be in a panic, you won’t want God; you will have settled it. The Spirit is gone; there is no longer any drawing.

So thank God if you still want to come: He hasn’t given up on you yet. Don’t let anybody beat you over the head. As long as you want to come to God, the source of that wanting is, in the scriptural pattern, the Father calling you. David said, “Where is he?” You are not the initiator. Thank God! There are times I don’t know why God wants me, but amazing grace and glory to God, as long as He does, I know the door is open. The initiative starts with God, and you are not brought to God by chance. When He starts scratching the surface or pounding on the door, thank God. This story puts it in dramatic perspective; David is asking, “Where is he?”

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