Now, I hope you’ll hear me very closely here. Notice who made the issue: it wasn’t Elisha, it was the crowd. They put the pressure on him. You don’t find Elisha saying, “Hey, you bunch of non-spiritual hypocritical sons of the prophets, if you had what you ought to have from God, you’d be chasing me to Jordan.”

 Some people who get involved in seeking spiritual things are forever creating issues with their own search. Now hear me closely. They are not satisfied to be hungry and seek after God’s best, but they pause at every stop on the journey to lecture the sons of the prophets because they are not making the same journey. I’m fishing for the uncommon man today. But Elisha was not concerned with the nonspirituality, if it existed, of the sons of the prophets. He was concerned about one thing: he felt that after 11 years of dedicated ministry there was something from God he still wanted and needed, and he would not let go until he got it; and he did not create the issue.

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