God said to Moses, “I have been known before by my other names but through you and to this people I am going to reveal myself as JEHOVAH.” (Exodus 6:3) And then He began to do it, and a series of names began to unfold. In fact, the use of the name Jehovah attached to other revelatory names had occurred before Moses, but it began to flower in fullness under Moses. Now that word “Jehovah” involved the expression of what He wanted to be to His people. He was going to come, if you will, from behind the cloud and take Himself out of the abstract and the general, and let His people know what He really was willing to be with them. That is all there is to the names of God. As you go through God’s book, know that God, when He gives Himself a name, or reveals Himself in such a way that under inspiration those writers of the Bible could give Him a name, it is God saying, “This is what I want to be to you.” Be specific with God.

The Scripture says, “Ye have not because ye ask not.” (James 4:2, John 16:24) In the prayer of faith in the book of Romans we are told we are not to believe we must ascend as though we would bring God down or descend into the depths and bring Him up; it is already nigh us. It is in our mouth; speak it forth. (Romans 10:6-10) There is power in the specific expressions of prayer to God. In Romans 8, we read that Jesus is up there interceding for us and doing a good enough job, but in our limitations there needs to be articulation with specifics, because God responds to specifics. And I have said if your toe hurts, will you not pray some big long prayer to God, “O God, high on Your throne with angels flying around, door post shaking, smoke billowing, great and wonderful to be seen and heard….” Just say, “Lord, my toe hurts, will You heal it?” “Little toe,” if you need to be specific: “My little toe hurts.

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