Jesus would neither yield to the flesh nor be a spiritual show-off. The devil offered Him kingdoms if He would just come under him. God had offered Him kingdoms, but He had to die. The devil offered Him kingdoms if He would bend His knee. He turned from the temptation and said No. When you look at it and quit making it a big mystery, while clothed with the same kinds of desires that you and I have, He said no to the flesh; He said no to spiritual pride; He said no to power. He walked out and treated His life from morning to night as though it had one reason for being, and that is to do the will of the Father that sent Him. (John 4:34)

As soon as He gathered the disciples around Him, they too challenged His commitment. When He spoke of the cross, they said, “Be it far from you.” His own agony of soul resisted. In the garden, He prayed, “If it be possible let this cup pass from me. But nevertheless not as I will, but thine.” (Luke 22:42) While He was on the cross, the rulers cried out, “If you be God, come down.” He held Himself as though He did not hear them. There is no easy way to be like Jesus. As we go through this year, we will lay on ourselves again and again the sacrificial purpose and sacrificial

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