If you have been battling the devil, unable to take the good things
of God because of a sense of sin, will you listen to the Lord today?
You don’t have anything to be scared of.
Read Romans 5: if while we were rebels and outcasts and outlaws 
and not even knowing about God and His love, God commended His
love toward us enough to send His Son to die; how much more will
He keep us? Grace abounding.
Let your sins be wiped out in a stroke; bring it to Calvary, and
then let healing come. If you have been claiming a promise and
intimidated that maybe you were too bold; and yet you know
secretly in your heart if you could just touch Him, you would
be made whole, thy faith can make thee whole today.
Are you in a storm?
Don’t be scared: the Lord is there with you.
He never has promised that we will bypass the storms;
He has promised to be with us. Are you worrying about tribulation?
It is our steady diet, but don’t you get scared about it. I want
to say to this church, will you get rid of fear? God is not
the author of fear. Jesus has overcome the world. He can make
even our enemies to be at peace with us. He has overcome it all;
just don’t lose your courage. Are you afraid that what God has
promised you is not going to work out? I would guess that the odds
against you are not as great as they were against Paul. “Son and
daughter, be of good courage.”

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