Pastor Melissa Scott continues her teaching on The Potter’s House.

“We are His workmanship.” That’s true. There’s an element that I added: The water. In the process of spinning, remember we looked at those power words and I said the Bible says the power is in us already. Those words tell me that while He’s working the work, He’s empowered me. The Bible says He won’t tempt me beyond what I’m able. Sometimes I think He thinks I’m really, really able, but He says He won’t tempt me beyond what I’m able. In fact it says He’ll provide a way of escape.

The thing that I marvel at every time I come back to this, whether it’s by hearing it on the network, whether it’s by reading it anew or studying it for this message is the method.  That is why I think God Is The Greatest Artist. He’s not only the greatest wordsmith; He’s the greatest artist in the world.

He can make something that is a throwaway reject as beautiful as anything you’ve ever seen.  He has a way of opening our eyes.  There have been days when it’s rainy outside and gloomy. In times past I’d say, “Aw, I hate the rain. Why can’t it be sunny today? I hate the rain.” Even when it’s rainy now I go outside and say, “Wow! Look how green everything is. Look how beautiful.” Even when it’s gray and cloudy it’s like God opens your eyes to say, “Quit griping and start appreciating my masterpiece that I made.” You’re going to spend your whole life griping about something. You might as well spend your whole life saying, “Thank you for this rainy, ugly day because it’s really beautiful. You made it.” Right?