We’ve been taught, we have a word for sin’s canopy, missing the mark (Greek: hamartia).  We’re also going to need some other words.

We have hamartia; we have the Greek word paraptoma, the root of it. There’s another one, which is parabasis. Those are our three words that we’re going to contend with throughout Paul’s writing.  It’s pretty simple. But if it’s not complicated, it will become complicated because we have other words that will enter into the equation.

We already saw from the Romans Series words like asebian, ungodly; adikian, unrighteous or against, the opposite way; anomia, against the law. There are words like akia, which is evil; poneria, evil, moral wickedness.

So we have many different words. And this is important for us because we have at least defined this hamartia as “we all fall short and miss the mark.” That’s our whole condition.

As I began to study for this, I re-opened Romans 5 because Romans 5 talks about how by one man sin entered the world, that one man being Adam. And guess what? In that one chapter of Romans all these words are being used and it’s quite a study to see this hamartia.