And when I disconnect from this, I’m disconnected like Adam from the source of life because that is life eternal right there. Not me and not even words that I speak or even you just hearing them. It’s got to be by absorption. That finally you come to the conclusion I must stay plugged in by faith and I maintain that connection by which power: faith. Yes, faith.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that we’re saved, the Bible says, “by grace you’re saved through faith and not of works lest any man should boast.” all well and wonderful, but the power that entered in, you’re looking at it. That dynamite force, that kratos that force beyond rulership or control. And the iskous, which is that strength not human; I don’t want to say superhuman, because it’s beyond anything that can even explain. That same power raised Him up from the dead.

I’m going to take one translation, because I’m kind of worried that I might not get through this. And I brought different things to show you. So, I want to focus on the Syriac for a minute. We’ve got; we’ll do it this way. They need to get me a little platform. I’m not as tall as Dr. Scott “he worked or who worked” beth meshua “in” this makes it “the Messiah” all right “and raised Him;” this he makes it “him from” this word men “from.” This is the thing I really want to focus on. If I don’t get to any of this stuff, it’s the least important than this one, which is actually the most important of the translations.

This word here, I’m going to just write it phonetically. It would look like beth mita, which translates beth you know, same like Hebrew.