Melissa Scott

I want to take you into Ephesians today, but I would like to point out some things as background. People who only had the eyes of the flesh saw Jesus and said, “Isn’t this the carpenter’s son? Who does he think he is?” Because the eyes of the flesh could not apprehend that God struck a tent in human flesh, taking up residence in a body like ours. God came into our realm where we would at least be able to look and behold, but we couldn’t with our natural minds understand who He was, it was a “mystery.” The mystery of the revelation of Jesus Christ is not a mystery like “Who done it?” It’s a mystery that is not revealed to the natural mind; the natural mind cannot grasp those things.

So if we preach and we teach the Gospel and Jesus Christ, to the natural mind it’s a foolish thing; it’s a waste of time. To those that are in the Spirit, those who have received the Spirit, it is not a mystery; it is being unfolded for us. Now I took you through that path to say that, if we can understand at least a part of the mystery, then we can begin to understand what Jesus means when He says “Abide in me and I in you”; you in Me and I in you. Then it’s not so much of a mystery how we can be going along through life and suddenly our focus meter changes from self-service to serving God, if we have been quickened by His Spirit.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that so today we will look at Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 1, written to those saints at Ephesus, and I lift this out as a foundation for us, because I don’t want to talk about somebody else’s church and somebody else’s problems. We need these words of life and the same words that bring life to some bring death to others. There are times when we’ll read a passage and it leaps out at us; other times we’ve read it so often we can repeat it verbatim. I am not interested in people quoting chapter and verse. I am interested in the Word entering into your blood stream and becoming a part of you.