Now imagine God from a bird’s-eye view looking down at these children, taking the analogy of the children with the Faith element involved. You have from God’s perspective the child that can’t make it across. “I just need to ask for more strength,” in this case more Faith.

The disciples asked for that. Do you think that after the Day of Pentecost, after that day when the Spirit was poured out, that they went and asked for more Faith? They were endued with power from on high and they went out and preached the Word. I highly doubt if you look at these “sent ones” as an example, that any one of them wavered afterwards.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that at the beginning, before they were endued, when they were with Jesus…look at Peter, that’s all you need to see—a little bit of doubt here, and a little bit of denial here, and off we go. The Day of Pentecost he’s ‘Mr. Pentecost;’ he stands up to preach the message boldly. Sometimes I’m grieved in my spirit because I know if people understood the real battle—the devil is a copycat. Some try to get you to take your eyes off Jesus and examine yourself. With the focus being taken off Jesus, of course the devil tricks you into seeing if you’re worthy.

It’s a trick! Maybe you’ll begin to see who is planting the seeds of doubt in your life. God’s not the author of fear or doubt. You look in your Strong’s Concordance under ‘faith’ and you’ll find, strangely enough, in the Old Testament there are only two references, two Scriptural references that use our English word faith in the Old Testament.