It’s a VIPA: verb, indicative, present, active. That means it’s an action, a factual statement. Present means the efficacy of what happened, it continues on. That means that if I look back to the English, what we have is redemption through His blood. This tells me it’s not just like, “Okay, I have it, I put it in my pocket, and that’s that.” It means that what has been done through the blood, the redemption, it is something that I possess, that every day that I fall short, I am having, I’m covered by. So the grammar is important to us to understand what this means. I want to do a comparative.

If I don’t finish all of it this week, it’s okay because this is important. This may be, I think, the foundation for some people out there who need to hear what we believe and why we believe. It’s not enough to say, “I’ve marched down to the altar now and I’ve accepted Jesus Christ,” and you have no idea of what you’ve just said. He chose you. He accepted you. He made the choosing. He did the choosing; the Bible says that. Now understand why He chose you and the price He paid. Echomen ten, and this word here, which is extremely important, apolutrosin: apo, from or away, out of.