This is a Christian church. It’s very confusing because we have all kinds of different languages on the board. There’s not an identification process, except there is an American flag behind us, which is a good start. But so many people call in and say, “What denomination is this? Where is your church?” Well, the good thing is the church is where we are; wherever we are, that’s where the church is. But I need to say this because I never want to get put in a box. I’ve come to see how denominations divide people because of dogma and doctrine. As long as we are preaching and proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ, my denomination is Jesus Christ. That’s my denomination, okay.

So now that we’ve made that clear and there are no questions about that, I would like you to open your Bible to the Book of Ephesians, please. Now for those who have been here a long time, you probably have plenty of notes in your Bible. I’ve made my own. I’m like a kid on a playground. I want to teach out of this book, and then I open up the Bible and I say, “Well, I want to teach over here, and I want to teach over there.” I have to harness myself and get control of myself, because everything in the Bible is so good and wonderful for us to learn from.