So, and I could keep reading this, probably just sit here and have a lot of fun reading this, but I don’t want to bore you folks.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the act that Jesus did when He said “No man taketh my life. I lay it down,” willfully, the perfect burnt offering, male without blemish. “No man taketh my life. I lay it down of myself.” He was not only the hilasterion but He did it in this mode. He did it willfully. When we say cheerfully, “God loves a hilarious giver,” it’s what I said in Exodus: ‘willful,’ ‘willfully’, with a heart that says “Here I am. This is what I’m bringing. You know my heart, you know where my mind’s coming from. This is what I bring to the table, the very least I do.” So my question is: Why do we make giving some outside function of Christianity? When at the very core and the pattern of our faith and what has been laid before us is the greatest Giver of all times who didn’t say “I give you this for you to get that.” “I gave my Son that you might have life and life more abundant and life eternal.” He gave of Himself as the propitiatory, as the propitiation, the hilasterion. And He gave of Himself in this way, it may be conjugated differently, it may be mood and tense differently, but the spirit of which He gave of Himself in that pattern setting the tone for us.

No, we don’t have to go and lay down our lives. He did it once, you don’t keep putting Jesus on cross. But you take that pattern and you say “If that is what being a Christian is and I can understand what the joy of the Lord is when I’m giving with my heart.” Not because somebody looks in the camera and says “send money.” Please don’t send money here unless you’ve been taught and you know why you’re giving it. Otherwise again you just fall back into that place where “I’m doing something, you scratch my back I scratch yours.” And by the way, the word being used when it says “God loves a hilarious giver” this word for ‘love’ is the agape word, not the phileo ‘you do for me and I do for you’ This unconditional word that says “I’m going to love you no matter what you do. I’m going to love you if you are a rat. I’m going to love you if you’re whatever you are.” Because like the prodigal son, still even after what he did he was still the father’s son. We are still His children. We need to start acting like it.

That’s my message.

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