Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that once a good recognition of where I stand is things start to fit into the right area. I said this, when I met Dr. Scott, when I met him, I was still hung up on material things. Many of the staff people will tell you. My poor husband before we got married did everything under the sun to talk me out of this. I was going to go buy a real fancy sports car. He did a good job, he talked me out of it. In fact it was like the Lord confirmed what he said even though I didn’t really know the Lord at the time. The Lord confirmed what he said.

He said “Please don’t buy that car. That is going to be a deathtrap for you. That is just, that’s the…very expensive….” “Oh it’s so great though! I just love it. It’s just, aw.” “No. No.” He said “If you get it,” he said “someone’s going to bang and ding up that car and you’re going to be very, very unhappy because the cost to repair that type of a car which is very rare. Good luck.” Well it turns out that I had a little American sports car and I parked it on the side somewhere. I went into pick up some mail or something. It was parked right there on the sidewalk, right beside the sidewalk. Somebody pshhh! Somebody rammed right into it and I thought “Hmmm. Is there something to this here?” I think I’d better listen to what Dr. Scott said. But we’re hard heads that way.

But you look at in the New Testament how people gave. Now I’m just going to give you a few ideas. You can read the scriptures when you go home the few things that we know and I’ve jotted them down. We have in Luke 12, you don’t have to turn there I’m just going to talk about it, I’m sorry Luke 21.

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