“Well I pay my tithes, I take my check and I…is it the gross or the net?” We have people that really have scrutinized and if you think about it, it’s like a prenuptial agreement between two people. And listen to this because everybody knows what that is. We talk about money, some people “Well why are we talking about money? She always talks about other things.” Prenup – prenuptial agreement. A millionaire, meets some young cookie that lives on a farm and she’s just pot broke. Nothing. “Well I love you.” “Well I love you too, but you’re going to sign on the dotted line.” Okay. Now you agree in this partnership we’re entering into you have absolutely nothing when you started out and if you leave you’ll only get this. I’ll leave you a dime. You’ll only get this.” Okay?

We live in this society and we can’t put the application into Christianity. We did absolutely nothing. We are like that poor little farm girl that’s got absolutely nothing.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that Jesus came and did everything. And we still have the temerity to think that something will be given back to us. This is what’s wrong. And it’s so hard to break not only the traditions that make void the Word of God. It’s so hard to buck the tide of what’s going on.

You notice how budget crunch, Christmas, Hanukkah and Kwanzaa combine and everybody’s feeling kind of generous now. It lasts for a least a month and then it goes away. People get all warm and fuzzy and “God bless you” and “Peace to you” and “Jesus loves you.” And now you can’t by the way, you cannot say “Merry Christmas” anymore, it’s “Happy Holidays.” I don’t want to talk about Christmas right now that’s another subject. But if you take these paradoxes I just said.

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