When I said weeks ago we’re going to grow together, part of it is not just growing the ministry, but growing spiritually. All that God intended – let me speak for me – all that God intended me to be. That doesn’t mean I’m going to be a millionaire for Jesus. It doesn’t mean I’m going to have the best of this and the most of that. It means all that He intended for me. Likewise for you.

Pinkum “Why is it in seeking to present the most inspiring subject which the human mind can contemplate, we begin with facts, the most melancholy and repulsive. It is because the skill of the physician can be appreciated by those who only understand the complexity and the malignancy of the disease, which he endeavors to remedy. The skill of the craftsman may be evidenced in the beauty and utility of his handiwork, but it appears more remarkable and more praiseworthy when we know the extreme difficulties that beset his undertaking and that he alone had the courage, the devotion, the ability to meet those difficulties and overcome them. Redemption cannot be rightly studied apart from the thought of human sin and sinfulness.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that the student therefore who would see the King in His beauty and be ready to join in heartfelt hosannas to the Son of David must very studiously examine those facts over which the Son of David has triumphed. It is meet then to begin with the above text, Romans 3:23, and to consider faithfully and prayerfully the sad fact, which that text presents to us.”

Listen. This person who penned this in the 1850′s I believe or 1800-somethings. Sorry. 1895. Listen to what he says. Thank God for people like Dr. Scott. Thank God for people like Pinkum who were not afraid to say these words. “Sin is everywhere. It’s in the heart. It’s on the tongue. It’s in the actions.

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