Lift this out, lift it off the text and see the spirit of what Jesus is saying. He’s not saying He’s condemning Jewish people by oh contra, He’s saying, let’s just take what this language says here, it says those professing to be Judeans. Now let me, let me go, let me give you another sidebar before I’m done. I’m going to hurry up.

I translated this is, I abbreviated Boheric Coptic verses Sahidic Coptic to show an example of something. It’s a little bit tricky because they kind of look a little bit the same. I’ve tried the thin one so you could see, make a little bit difference, the letters are a little bit different but let me just say this.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that they made a textual error when they translated this and left out this word, follow my pen here, this is the word for blasphemy te, the definite article and here’s a negative word but amenepetrafagioya. All right? What happened is somebody made a scribal error, which does happen or maybe it was deliberate, we don’t know the reasons why.

If you pull the letters you’ll see there are common thread letters in this two words up in the Boheric; otherwise the texts pretty much read the same thing and I don’t have the time to go through them except to show you people can make mistakes. But let me just read my two translations to show you the Boheric translation.  I found not one from these who saved themselves that they be Jews, being not such but being a synagogue of Satan.  That is this translation.  The Sahedic says and the blasphemy of these who say they are Jews, not so but of the Synagogue of Satan. Now why is this being said?

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