Now I want to make this clear before I get into the text and I will reiterate it as I get into the text. Thank God we serve a God who does not discriminate, He does not see black, He does not see white, He does not see female, He does not see male, He doesn’t see crippled or full or skinny or fat. He sees us through the eyes of a loving God. Thank God for that. So take that and put that in your brain when we read this passage. It is not license for anti-Semitism, in fact what Jesus is saying to the Church is these people if they really were who they professed to be, they’d never do this.

Now I’m going to get back to this because this is a subject that I can really relate to over the last year and a half. I have much things to say on this. But what is amazing to me as we go through and we’ve just briefly looked at the history, you’ll see that as we pass from the Apostolic church that ends about 100 we get into the church at Smyrna which is the church of martyrdom and persecution that goes until 313 or so until the edict of tolerance is issued by Constantine. But these waves of things that happen they’re history I’m not making them up, this is not in my point of view, this is historical, historical things that actually happened. So it forces us to take another look not just at the Bible but it takes, take another look at ourselves.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that we call ourselves human beings and we acted so barbarically and I’m talking about every single person under the sun because there’s not one race under the sun that hasn’t done something, somewhere. You know a lot of people want to say well these folks have done this and those folks have done that. We’re going to look at what happen at Smyrna.

You’ll see this very large Jewish community who had extreme favor with the Roman government. And the reason for that you’ll see, Smyrna sides with Rome through the Mithridates and Carthage and the Seleucids. Always there and always a supporter behind the scenes you’ll find the Jewish populace. They were very strong and very influential. They represented 12% of the population and for a pagan world that’s enormous. So they had a lot of clout in that day. We’re going to go right into the text because I’ve got a lot to say on the text.

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