“Well, this is too hard a message for me. I thought I’ve arrived. I paid my titles, now I’m waiting for my blessing!” What about these seven things? I’ve got so much to say and so little time to do it. He says “I know your works.” Now I want to be careful when I address this. Jesus is not condemning this, when He says “I know your erga, your works.” Well He’s talking about works. And I want you to listen carefully because I really feel in my spirit that this body here has been conditioned to something. The minute you hear this, two flags go up: James and Paul. James: “Well, show me this and I’ll show you that;” Paul: “Sola fide.” That’s not. Try and get the mindset because this is something that I wrestled with the whole week. How am I going to get this across for people to not misinterpret? I started it last week.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that start and go back to Jesus. When in doubt, now I, I really I, when they had this fashion what would Jesus do? No! Go back and see what Jesus did. Set the, set the pattern there and then look towards what He told the disciples to do. That’s your starting point. If He said it, that’s my authority. Anybody else saying something different, they’re going to have to take a back seat. I went back to look you’ll find that most of the time when Jesus is talking, He is not talking about going to do the deeds that we commonly nowadays call ‘works.’ His ‘work’ was the work of the Father. He said He came to do one thing, the will of the Father which was the work, the meat, of the Father. For what? To save the lost, and He couldn’t just do it by being here. He had to lay down His life and raise again! Well, that’s a good start. Can I do those works? Now of all these people that are inflated with “I’m only going to do it if people can see me,” they’ll know you by your works. Well, that’s wonderful, but what did Paul say about this because Paul had a lot to say?

You comb through Romans 4, you comb through Galatians, you comb through Ephesians, you’ll find that the work that Paul’s talking about is the edifying of the body which we are calling the Church, Jesus Christ, period! Now somebody somewhere, I wish somebody would find, find me a place where it says we’re supposed to do otherwise “For the edifying of the Church!”

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