If you’re not yet, if your Faith is not yet settled on the Resurrection, I would make a recommendation take the time to study the Resurrection get tapes or whatever it is you have to do   because once you settle that, your eyes are going to be open to something so incredible, you’re going to say “Why didn’t I see this before?

Here is, things being revealed to John in such, it’s so strong. It’s not just a, ‘They’re there now, go and they’re there.’ It’s saying, “Based on this authority that is in me” Jesus talking “Based on this authority, I’m proof that I’m living in front of you. Based on that, that I have the keys of death and hell. Based on that, you write these things down, and you send them.” “And the things which shall be hereafter.” I like this ‘hereafter’ word. It’s, I just move the markers from one place to another. “Hereafter” sorry about that folks   ”hereafter, meta tauta.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that we’re going to encounter that word, two words, meta tauta. We’re going to encounter a lot of meta words. Metanoia is going to be one of them we’re going to see repeatedly. Meta tauta is not just the things that are going to be, the things which shall be. It’s the things after these things.

Now, John’s been through a lot. Can you imagine this is one day. He’s on the isle, he’s exiled, he’s not chained up, he’s free to roam around, and poor John staggering around, an old, old man. Jesus appears, and if it’s not bad enough that he hasn’t seen Jesus in some probably 60 years, now he’s going to have all these things in front of him.

This is why I said to you there’s no way it, as crazy as it looks on the surface, there’s no way that John made this up. And as crazy as it looks on the surface, this is our roadmap. I want this book to be, not something that you read and it has no application, because believe it or not out of all the 66 books that became canonized this one happens to have the last chapter for us in this time. Once you’ve read the whole Bible, there has to be some application, some realization, of what is yet to come, which is being revealed to us in this book.

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