But numbers are important. We’re going to see that here. Now what I’ve done and I think I have time to do it, I have made a list of some of the numbers, Number 3 we have a lot of things that come in the Bible, Genesis 18 for starters, the 3 that appeared to Abraham in the plains of Mamre; Leviticus 14:14, in order to cleanse the leper, 3 places on the body, the right thumb, the right toe and the right ear required to make the whole man belong to God; the 3 temptations of Jesus; the 3 denials of Peter – can I do this in one breath, I’m not sure – the 3rd day Resurrection; Moses hid for 3-months; Jonah’s 3 days; the 3 gates at the East, North, South, West.

Whew! Then you have 10 added unto each number as an intensifier. Some of you that know this don’t tune me out, please. Makes it more and sometimes many and much more. So for example the 30-pieces of silver. You say “Well, was that divinely manifested? Absolutely, because you look what they did when they picked up the money, and what they did with the money there afterwards, absolutely. Gideon’s 300, I could go on and on and on but I don’t want to. I just wrote the brief things for you.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that we’re not going to do all the numbers because 1 is the number of God, 2 is the number of adequate witness, and we’ll get to those later on in the latter chapters of Revelation. I only want to deal with the few numbers that we’re going to encounter in the next message or two.

Four the number of the whole earth: 4 corners, north east south west; 4 seasons; 4 phases to the moon; 4 essential elements, fire, air, earth, water; in the book of Revelation, the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse; 4 walls to the city; the Euphrates, 4 heads, 4 parts; 4 winds; 4 angels of Jeremiah, Ezekiel and Daniel. Now let me talk about 4 intensified because all these things, you’ve heard them a bazillion times. Noah’s 40-days, Moses, Jesus, Jonah, the list goes on and on the number of complete trial and testing. Five and 10 – 5 the number of Grace, 10 the intensifier. We’re going to look at 10 as the human number, not the number of man, but the number of human responsibility: the 10 Commandments; the 10 virgins; Luke 15, the woman with the 10 pieces of silver.

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