Pastor Melissa Scott tells us that it is showing just like we are in a pathetic state but looking at God that way and making Him man-like or human-like in His grieving towards mankind in this statement. “And the LORD said, I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth; both man, beast, creeping thing, fowls of the air; for it repenteth me that I have made them.” Now I can’t find anything good to say on that except it had to be pretty bad.

Now we don’t have other than what is here and I certainly don’t want to go look at parallel literature, but I’ve peeked at the parallel literature that says what was going on, it was pretty gruesome. It is a pretty ugly state and we start with the little bit we know about Noah, “Noah found grace in the eyes of the LORD.” The book of Genesis is the book of ‘first, so because of the name Genesis being ‘what is at the beginning, there is much conflict between what is being labeled ‘grace’ and ‘favor.’ The Masoretic text reads: “Veh Noah, and this is actually an ‘n, it looks like something else but it is an ‘n.’ “Va Noah matsa chen beyotne Yahweh.” “And Noah, ┬áhe found…” and this word chen which is grace.

Now remember when we looked at Esther, Esther found favor with the king. There are many people that find ‘favor’ and the root word is the same, but here this word if you expand it to chanan is of a superior person bending or stooping down to help an inferior; so it’s not favor. Although grace is ‘unmerited favor, I am going on to show you why it is grace; and not favor. It is very, very thin line but it is important. “In the eyes of Yahweh.” That is the Hebrew.

The Aramaic has a little bit different twist on it. I took this from the Targum Onkelos and I took the liberty to not drag that big tome here but Targum Onkelos has: “And Noah, he found” different word and that is another anomaly – is how do you find ‘grace’? ‘Grace’ finds you; you do not find ‘grace.’ So, they use this word ‘compassion, not grace, in front of or before; and they won’t spell Yahweh so they put Yaya as the word for Jehovah.

Now briefly, I do not want to dwell on this. Twenty-Six Word Translation, I am going to use it twice, one time for this verse here and there are some different renditions of course: “mercy and pleasure and the Lord’s favor.” But the reason why I stress ‘grace’ is a little bit on the heels of last week. Now this is a polyglot, now you know why I only brought one with me, okay, couldn’t fit them all in the car today. I was thinking of strapping this one to the back of my dog and seeing if he could carry it. That’s a joke.

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