“To preach deliverance,” Tous sunotretomenos, that sounds like an expectorant. Sunotretomenos you have the prefix here sun, the prefix denoting union and together and oneness, and this menos at the end, which is of “the ones.” This middle here, if you look in a lexicon or rather a theological dictionary you’ll find at the root of this word is the word being used to reflect the Passover lamb.

You read, I’ve put the Scripture on here Exodus 12:46; Numbers 9:12 “Not a bone shall be broken.” It’s that type of breaking.  It’s not just a shattering or a dropping. Reflective because this word, if you take it to healing or curing, “the ones” and this word ten cardea ‘brokenhearted,’ it has a reflection. This word reflects right into Isaiah 53, suffering, sorrow. It’s just something way beyond our comprehension. Just the words don’t suffice, but it brings up the man acquainted with griefs and sorrows, sunotretomenos is that same word if you have a lexicon or a dictionary look it up, that is what it said.

There’s a discrepancy in the Septuagint, one version claims genitive, I don’t care for the sake of this conversation I put them in as small ‘vees’ but the relevance is it’s not just healing, curing of a broken heart, this word has such a stronger meaning than mending, it is for people who are sick. And let me tell you something, if you have a sickness in your body, your healing, or for deliverance of something you may need to have your spirit healed first, for God to do the rest of the work.

Pastor Melissa Scott tells that the message of the good news and I’m going to say this very plainly:  There are people who have closed the book on healing, believing God doesn’t heal anymore. Let me set the record straight for you. I will not have the devil take away what to me there’s no question about. Jesus didn’t only cover our sins He covered our sicknesses, He bore our diseases; otherwise He could have just gone to the cross. Why did He have to be smitten and laid all these things upon Him? If it’s just for our sins it’s illogical. It doesn’t make sense. Healing, I shouldn’t have to say it, the spirit of God draws a person, no one comes to the Father save the spirit draw him. 

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