So already these things have been settled. By the time we get to the 1930′s; I’m fast forwarding; we know that the Jews were made to wear this yellow star as a sign identifying them as a part of Hitler’s crazed, maniacal craze against the Jews and the Arian race to purify the world. A heinous thing, but during that time, it was the only time in history that that symbol of the Star of David was identified with death. Other than that it was never identified with death. It may have been celestial or it may have been something else, but never identifying with death until the 1900′s at the time of Hitler. Of course, once we begin a new Zionist movement after the war, this emblem is taken and identified as the Jewish symbol. So anytime we see a Star of David we identify this must be a Jewish place because we see the Star of David.

Now I point that out because it is an emblem that only at a very late point in time did it ever have any ties to death and dying, and  not because anybody died on a Star, but because somebody was branding these people with their own identification. If we travel through the world of, for example, what the nation of Islam claims as their Crescent Moon and Stars, it’s very surprising to find out that that was not an identification, like a symbolized brand or flag or identity until very late. The Ottoman Empire in fact, was the one that claimed it, which was 1453, our time; very late. When Mohammad lived in the 600′s there was no Crescent Moon identifying Muslim and the Muslim world.

It was a simple black flag or a white flag or a green flag; no markings. And in fact, again, because people seldom take the time to study the comparative religions, we find that Mohammad, the prophet in the 600′s A. D. had very few converts and I don’t think a banner of any kind would have helped him. Until his death, whereby that whole land then identified as the Crescent; the Fertile

Crescent as it’s called, this wave of following, his writings began and were unified for a short time until, of course, his death. And that’s always thing with people in religion.

They can’t seem to figure out God appoints leaders and they’re not born. So hence, the Shiite and Sunni factions start to fight about who’s in control and who has power; a story for another day. But the symbol itself of the

Muslim world was not made a Muslim depiction and identified with the Muslim world until the Turks took over and that victory at Constantinople, Istanbul, which basically brought in and married the two based on Osman who was the Ottoman Empire’s founder, who had a dream. Listen to this because some things are freaky in history and you go, well, you never know what can happen.

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