Pastor Melissa Scott teaches us the French translation reads C’est une retraite que Le Dieu qui est de tout tem(p)s, it’s ‘a retreat that the God who is of all times,’ et que d’être sous les bras, ‘and to be underneath His arms,’ eternel car il a chassé de devant toi, ‘He’s chased away from before you your enemies,’ tes ennemis, et il a dit extermine, I’m sure everybody can read that. You don’t have to read French to know what that says, ‘exterminate,’ ‘exterminator,’ like terminator; extermine. Israel donc habitera seul surement, ‘Israel will live alone surely.’

The Spanish translation reads Su morada en Lo Alto y acá baxo sus brazos eternos arrojará de tu presencia al enemigo y dira, Quedate desmenuzado. Habitará Israél confiademente, y solo, basically saying the same thing, ‘underneath the everlasting arms,’ but here it says Lo Alto, ‘of the High,’ certainly meaning ‘of the Most High,’ but it’s saying ‘of the High’ and there ‘underneath, the arms eternal.’ You’ve got the same sentence being said with the contrast with ‘the Most High’ and ‘bottomless arms.’

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